Blackburn Foundation Quarter Horses

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Foundation Stallions

Jaz Acero Hombre

1998 Grullo
AQHA #3729499 ~ NFQHA #F0001656
Steel Dust Horse Association #559 & APHA Approved
100% Foundation
33% Poco Bueno and 24% King
6 Panel Genetic Test N/N
Color Panel: EE aa Dn

No longer standing to the public.

Hombre is a grullo with no white markings & is homozygous for the black gene. Hombre was the herd sire for the Jaz Ranch. He is a son of Little Steel Dust, the Foundation legend of the NFQHA. (Little Steel Dust: IBHA Halter and Perf Pt earner. Sire of multi AQHA ROM's, AQHA World Show Top Ten, IBHA Halter, perf pt and ROMs, IBHA Res World Ch, NRHA $ earners, NRCHA $ earners, multi NFQHA National Champions. NFQHA All-Time Leading Sire of Point Earners). Hombre will be bred to the Blackburn Brood Mares and the daughters of Mr Blackburn 946. You can view his full pedigree at

Little Steel Dust Poco King Tuck Poco Bueno
Lady Illini 25
Pretty Sparkle Poco Light
Sparkle Buck
Poco Miss Feed Poco Feed Poco Bueno
Lady Beaver 10
Madam Beaver Nifty Pep
Lady Beaver Twenty One

Blackburn Grulloczar

2011 Grullo
AQHA #5372954 ~ NFQHA #F0035986
APHA Approved - pending
Steel Dust Horse Association #562
100% Foundation
6 Panel N/N
Color Panel: Ee aa Dd W20/W20 Homozygous White Enhancer

No longer standing to Public.

True 100% NFQHA Foundation, no rounding up. Czar is 38% Blackburn Grullogirl, 25% Fortys Last Chance, 25% King Cutter King, 22% Mr Blackburn 40, 18% Blackburn, & 15% Pretty Buck. Blackburn Grulloczar is currently being shown in Reining, Ranch Versatility, and Working Cow. He has AQHA Points and is a money earner in NRCHA. Czar will be bred to daughters of Jaz Acero Hombre and the Blackburn mares. Owned by Lynette Leier.

Mr Blackburn 946 Fortys Last Chance Mr Blackburn 40
Miss Bonita Eleven
Blackburn Grullogirl Mr Black Burn 88
Cowboys Miss Paula
Poco Blakburn 165 King Cutter Jim King Of The Tigers
Cutter Cowan
Poco Blakburn 094 Perty Buck Poco
Blackburn Grulllogirl

SR My Poco Blackburn

2009 Grullo
AQHA #5273827 ~ NFQHA #F0033795
100% Foundation
5 Panel - N/N
Color Panel: EE aa Dd ~ Homozygous Black

Standing to Public - Breeding Fee: $600.

Boy is 25% Poco Ojos Grande, 25% Poco Bueno, 25% Lassie Blackburn, 25% Blackburn Pretty Boy, 19% Mr Blackburn 41, 14% King, & 13% Pretty Buck. Boy is being bred to daughters of Jaz Acero Hombre & Mr Blackburn 946. Owned by Lynette Leier & Justina Bilby

Poco Process Poco Ojos Grande Poco Bueno
Wimpys Ojos
Pocos Coco Valley Poco Call
Valley View Queen
TH Ms Blackburn 041 Blackburn Pretty Boy Mr Blackburn 41
Pretty Lady Georgia
Lassie Blackburn Mr Poco Blackburn
Pines Lassie

SR My Poco Tee J
"Tee J"

2014 Grullo
AQHA #5587376 ~ NFQHA #F0035536
100% Foundation
5 Panel - N/N
Color Panel: EE aa DD ~ Homozygous Dun & Black

Standing to Public. Breeding Fee: $600.

He will 100% sire Dun/Grulla and all will be black based. TeeJ is 26% Poco Bueno, 18% King, 25% RF Tee J Steel Dust, & 25% Poco Process. TeeJ is being bred to daughters of Mr Blackburn 946 & Jaz Acero Hombre. Owned by Lynette Leier.

SR My Poco Blackburn Poco Process Poco Ojos Grance
Poco Coco Valley
TH Ms Blackburn 041 Blackburn Pretty Boy
Lassie Blackburn
SR Jaz Ms Mouse RF Tee J Steel Dust Double D Tough Stuff
Jaz Able
Jaz Ms Mouse Little Steel Dust
Poco Linda Misss

Mr Blackburn 946


1994 Dun with black points
AQHA #3264389 ~ FQHR #7250 ~ WFQHA #2084 ~ NFQHA #F0014027
100% Foundation
37.50% Mr Blackburn 40 (x2), 19% Blackburn (x4), 18.75% Pretty Buck (x2) 10.2% Yellow Jacket (x8)

Burns settled 14 mares for his last foal crop in 2014. His legacy will continue thru his sons and daughters.

  • Sire of 2017 AQHA World Reserve Champion Poles and Top 10 AQHA World in Barrels, Pretty Doc Burn
  • 1997 NDQHA Reining Champion
  • 1997 NDQHA Reining Futurity Reserve Champion & money earner
  • 2002 NDQHA Barrels Champion
  • Reserve in Poles
  • AQHA ROM in Reining, Barrels, Poles, & AMT Working Cow
  • Sire of NCHA $ Earners - see Blackburn Double 40
  • Sire of Working Cow Horse & Cutting Performer - see Blackburns Perty Son
  • Sire of ND ROUGHRIDER RODEO ASSOCIATION TEAM ROPING CHAMPION $40,000 earner - SEE Poco Eagle Blackburn

Fortys Last Chance Mr Blackburn 40 Pretty Buck
Lady Cowan 6
Miss Bonita Eleven Mr Blackburn 11
Harry's Cindy
Blackburn Grullogirl Mr Blackburn 88 Mr Blackburn 40
Vinita Kay
Cowboys Miss Paulo Cowboy's Dream 7
Nino Lass 86

Blackburn Foundation Horses-North
Lynette Leier & Tyler McCabe
5758 10th Ave N
Granville, ND 58741

Blackburn Foundation Horses-South
Justina & Jarrett Bilby
1216 35th ST N
Velva ND 58790
Blackburn Foundation Horses-South
Lyrissa & Justin Ronyak
3451 12th Ave N
Velva, ND 58790

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